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Namaste…I am Ajay from Trivandrum. I was suffering from depression and its allied difficulties for almost 10 years. Basically I am an energetic and optimistic person. But after the attack of depression, my life was in the dark completely. I felt desperate. It was very hard for me to wake up in the morning as I had heaviness in the head followed by dizziness. I was not able to be active to attend office regularly. I became lethargic and hence avoided mingling with friends and relatives.

On last October 23rd2017,I was fortunate to meet Shri.Pradeep Sir, who gave me a new phase of life. Sir did many unknown processes and did energy healing for me. The immense inner happinesss I experienced can’t be expressed as such. I felt like becoming energetic and more confident. I also had an opportunity to attend an online healing session with Pradeep Sir. Sitting on the other end, Sir healed me magically as at the end of the session my body was too light like a feather and more healthy and energetic. I have attended many sessions till now. I am almost recovered from my earlier state of mind and now able to lead peaceful social life and mingle with my friends and family. My morning sickness has also reduced considerably. Sir told to continue some more sessions to get complete cure from the disease.

I don’t know how to thank Pradeep Sir for giving me a new life. I express my deep felt gratitude for the miraculous healing I experienced…Thank you Sir.