My sister had heaviness in her chest from her teenage days.She was not able to mop the floor or bend with ease as she would feel a striking sprain in her chest. We had consulted many doctors and even cardiologists and nobody diagnosed the root of the problem, and she suffered alot for last 17-19 years. Two days back, the pain vanished completely after a small healing session of about ten minutes by Shri.Pradeep Sir. The heaviness in her chest was completely gone and now she can bend down easily without pain as many times she wants. She is very much happy and we are all thankful to Sri.Pradeep Sir for this wonderful miracle.

Devi Manoj

Thank you, Universe for guiding me to Pradeepji. I was a person with very low self-esteem, no confidence, basically a depressed person with so many other physical problems. I get angry and irritated really fast. I had two online sessions with Pradeep which made me feel light and filled me with confidence. Also, my back pain and neck pain is healed. Continuous healing of 3 hrs, making sure that client is completely healed is something rare and I had not experienced at all. I am happy and grateful to you Pradeepji. Thank you miracle man!!


I'm Vijaya Madhavan S, an engineer running own construction business. My son Bharath is 14 years of age and he has been suspected of having ADHD. As willed by the Almighty, I approached Pradeep Ji. He examined my son and in his diagnosis, my son was ailing from some issues other than ADHD. I could not follow him closely as I was not well versed in the realm of mysticism. Nonetheless, Pradeep Ji miraculously healed the issues of my son he has been ailing for the last 14 years. From the bottom of my heart, I express my deep felt gratitude to Pradeep Ji.

Vijaya Madhavan S

I was having severe throat pain on the right side of my neck.I was neither able to speak properly nor was able to have food.I called Sri.Pradeep Sir over the phone and told the issue.Sir told me to hold the phone for a few minutes. I held it for almost 10 minutes in my room in Trivandrum and after each minute the bulge in my neck corresponding the gland got subsided and the pain vanished…Sitting almost 100 Kilometers away from my home, Sir healed me completely over the phone.I thank Sir wholeheartedly for this miracle I experienced. Pranamam Sir.

Lakshmi Priya


Namaste…I am Ajay from Trivandrum. I was suffering from depression and its allied difficulties for almost 10 years. Basically I am an energetic and optimistic person. But after the attack of depression, my life was in the dark completely. I felt desperate. It was very hard for me to wake up in the morning as I had heaviness in the head followed by dizziness. I was not able to be active to attend office regularly. I became lethargic and hence avoided mingling with friends and relatives.

On last October 23rd2017,I was fortunate to meet Shri.Pradeep Sir, who gave me a new phase of life. Sir did many unknown processes and did energy healing for me. The immense inner happinesss I experienced can’t be expressed as such. I felt like becoming energetic and more confident. I also had an opportunity to attend an online healing session with Pradeep Sir. Sitting on the other end, Sir healed me magically as at the end of the session my body was too light like a feather and more healthy and energetic. I have attended many sessions till now. I am almost recovered from my earlier state of mind and now able to lead peaceful social life and mingle with my friends and family. My morning sickness has also reduced considerably. Sir told to continue some more sessions to get complete cure from the disease.

I don’t know how to thank Pradeep Sir for giving me a new life. I express my deep felt gratitude for the miraculous healing I experienced…Thank you Sir.

Ajay Thiruvananthapuram
Thank You so very much dear pradeep ji for the ESSE n SOP sessions.The discomfort in the lower back is gone n my body feels so light n flexible where in I hv never felt like this before.I suggest u all guys take atleast one session of Esse with pradeep n u will know wat i mean..n m sure u r bodies will celebrate with joy😊..Its all Experential.It was a mind blowing session.Thank you pradeep.

Ramya Bangalore
Pradeep ji, I’m extremely grateful for the session I experienced with u.ESSE and SOP session which I received were phenomenal. All my pains which were locked in my body are gone,and when I was receiving SOP session I experienced as if my body is floating, nothing is beneath me and I’m in complete space. It was awesome and even for few days after the sessions I experienced as if I’m lying on water bed.
Thanks Pradeep ji

Dr.Aruna Lucknow
Experience from Soul retrieval session: First of Thank you very much Pradeep sir for the healing session. After the session i felt more wholesome and energetic and there is a dramatic change in the overall physical well being. I had a problem with right hip joint and was planning to consult a surgeon. Immediately after the session the pain in the right hip joint was gone and i felt lot of inner strength as well. Thanks again to Pradeep sir, you are awesome

Binu Bangalore
We had an excellent stress buster session with Shree Pradeep Sir yesterday. The intensity of the sessions were mind blowing. During the session, our mind went completely blank and there was lightness all around. We felt an amazing calmness as the session draws towards closure. I personally had an increased mind chatter and light restlessness in the last few week’s but they were all evaporated out of my spaces today. Thank You Sir for the gift !

Kishalaya Bangalore
It was my first session with Pradeep sir. I could feel lot of churning inside my body and energy flow during the session. Finally leaving with peace and calmness at the end of the session. It was a wonderful experience. thank u very much sir.

Krishna Bangalaore
Namasthe…. I was suffering from malfunction of the thyroid gland for the past 9 years…because of that I gained weight …Metabolic Error came as a side effect of the same… I consulted Sri Pradeep Sir and first Sir tried to heal the gland… But it was not even in a stage to be healed… So Sir regenerated my thyroid gland and parathyroid glands… During the session I closed my eyes and was praying…. Sir was on the other side almost one meter away .. I felt like something is passing through my throat right to left and vice -versa. At the end I felt like somebody putting a knot on my neck… I experienced the pain… After that only I came to know that Sir was regenerating my both glands through energetic surgery. Sir said to take rest for 21days… I was feeling pain in the neck as if I had undergone a normal surgery afterward..Now I checked my thyroid result today… It came to be normal…. He astonishingly regenerated my internal organs. I don’t know how to show gratitude to Sir for bringing my hormonal changes back to normal..I thank Sir from the bottom of my heart..

We are blessed souls who are privileged to get the guidance and light in our life through a great master Shri.Pradeep Sir.

Lakshmi Thiruvananthapuram